PX TAC Military Equipment Trading was found and established having its legal identity in April 07, 2007 as a 100% fully financed and well equipped own business private entity by UAE local partners, founder, provider and leading Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Khalfan Mohammed Ahmed Al-Qamzi & his spouse Mrs. Al Qamzi. PX TAC was established having its one main operational office in Abu Dhabi where it still operates and fully functions. Without establishing any other branches elsewhere.
Focus of Business
The company was established and had first become involved in Men’s wear and Women’s wear. By being the only exclusive sponsor and representative in Gulf, PX TAC stepped-in with stronger steps leaving impressive marks on its customers by providing quality products, prompt service, firm delivery and reliable follow up and customer's support. PX TAC had also started offering all Military equipments at its own shops, store and warehouse at customer's facilities upon request or procedures of the client and as per agreement or contract with the customer/s. PX TAC has Six Shops, One Warehouse inside military areas and a big store in Musaffah Abu Dhabi outside Military area. PX TAC's reputable and renowned customers are basically and mainly following; the Military Forces such as Armed Force, Critical National Infrastructure Authority (CNIA), Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Special Operations Command (SOC) and Signal Corps, and other ordering Units/Arms of Army and Police Forces. Occasionally, enquiries are received from government's ends for orders of equipment which PX TAC would contribute to provide and satisfy as usual providing quality and competence in price.
PX TAC started as previously mentioned with supplying consumable Military parts and ordered items as per customer's requirement. As PX TAC progressed and moved ahead, it made a successful break-through to the industrial market of Military equipment field as well other Military industrial fields.
PX TAC expanded and enlarged its capabilities with more efficiency and competence in quality and costs by engaging highly reputable and recognized agents for Military Equipment, electronic, navigational, surveillance and security systems of all ranges. By having those international and reputable associates and agents inline of business, PX TAC had entered into various long term contracts with the UAE Armed Forces (PGC) Presidential Guard Command for supplying equipment, air-communications and equipments (AF/Navy), and ground communications facilities and equipment. Police Forces (MOI) also had their big shares of PX TAC's best quality products and services by purchasing workbench facilities, security systems for various purposes and uses. PX TAC is presently running all Military Equipment and services provisions through long term contracts.
PX TAC is a private sector company that deals in purely trading business of all Military Equipment, and it can do also electrical, electronic and mechanical materials through marketing, orders, enquiries, demands and long/short term supply/provision contracts.
PX TAC Vision is to achieve market leadership in all Military Equipments and spare parts, systems technologies, communication and navigation field's items of all ranges and achieve success in practicing services, providing quality and satisfying customers. This will call for the pursuit of growth. Underpinning our drive for growth will be a commitment to quality, cost-effectiveness, delivery and our people. Quality: We will be a company committed to quality, a company that is recognized by its peers as setting the benchmark. Cost: We will be a company committed to reducing our cost base, a company that is recognized by customers, Suppliers and Agents as delivering outstanding values. Delivery: We will be a company committed to continually reducing lead time and delivering on time, a company that is recognized by customers and suppliers as highly responsive. People: We will be a company committed to our people and our values, a company recognized for its professionalism and integrity
To maintain the glory, goodwill and growth of the company


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